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No More Paying A Graphic Designer
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Create Stunning eCovers (14 Formats)
With Just A Few Mouse Clicks
Using My Windows Desktop eCover Wizard

Ian TraynorFrom The Desk Of Ian Traynor

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer

Before I ventured into the world of internet marketing and website building in 1995, I'd spent my whole working life in "dirt world" sales and marketing - nearly 30 years.

As soon as I started to explore this "brave new world" of internet marketing (when Bill Gates was saying that the internet was a passing fad), I realised one highly important fact...

Internet marketing is more about psychology than technology.

So, all the truths that I'd had learnt about marketing and selling in the preceding 30 years was still highly relevant in my newly-chosen career of internet marketing.

And one of the truths is that people do judge a book (or software) by its covers!    

If you're reading this page, the chances are that you sell - or are interested in selling - "intangibles".. products which can't be picked up, handled and dropped on your toes!

You might be selling an eBook, some software, a service - or something else which people can't experience before they have bought it. Whatever it is, you will need to build your potential buyer's confidence by some sort of physical representation of your product.

Enter the "eCover".. a graphical image of your intangible product! This has become a huge market. Graphic designers cash in on this. Software producers cash in on this. Photoshop techies cash in on this with "action scripts" for this very expensive graphics software.

And there's a load of cheapo services which deliver really rubbishy eCovers!

Look, I've spent hours and hours - and quite a few hundreds of dollars - trying to find the ideal solution to producing good-quality eCovers at an affordable price. In the end, I thought: "I've got to have my own eCover software." The result - after a lot of blood, sweat and tears - has been my ..

CheatKit eCover WizardCheatKit eCover Wizard

This is now part of my highly acclaimed "Webmasters CheatKit" brand.

I have two guiding principles for anything that I release under the "CheatKit" label:

* It has to be of high quality.

* It has to be easy for anyone to use.

And my CheatKit eCover Wizard meets both of these guidelines.

It is rock-solid Windows software. There's no scripts to install, no need to depend on third-party websites, no having to buy expensive graphics software to make it work.

And look how easy it is to use:    

Step One:

Choose one of the eCover types you want to use and click "Apply":

Step 1

Step Two:

Use a color palette or your own images that you want to use in your eCover, and then use the easy-to-use tools to adjust shadows, reflections and other image properties. Experiment as much as you want. It takes just seconds to see what your final graphic will look like:

Step 2

Step Three:

The easiest step of all - just hit the "Save picture" button to save your eCover. You can then use your favorite graphics program to crop and resize it. "Graphics program"? Don't worry - I'll give you full tuition on this.. all part of the "CheatKit eCover Wizard" service :-)

Step 3

Choose from 14 Different Styles

With CheatKit eCover Wizard, you can select from 14 different styles of eCover, to match whatever product you want to illustrate. Here's all the different covers you can create:

Choose any of these styles

To switch from one of the above templates to another means just clicking a couple of buttons.

Here's Some Of The Other Things You Can Easily Do..

Create Images With Transparent Backgrounds

Want to be able to drop your eCovers onto different coloured backgrounds? No problem! Just tick a box, and the job's done. Here's the same image on two different coloured backgrounds:

Create Images Using Your Own Background

Background created in The Gimp (free graphics software) in 5 minutes

Background used in CheatKit eCover Wizard - added in 15 seconds!

Change How The Reflection Looks

Have the reflection fade away..

.. or have a full length reflection

And So Many Other Ways To Fine-Tune Your eCover

.. and they are all easily accessible through just one control panel:

Control panel

Get your eCover to look exactly as you want it to look - with no techie skills needed!

User ManualI Almost Didn't Write A User Manual!

My Cheatkit eCover Wizard is so easy to use that you can start to get it to work as soon as you install it. Everything is so intuitive.

But I like to do a complete job, so I produced one of my high-quality User Manuals.

It's illustrated throughout with screenshots, and gives very detailed instructions.

But it's more than just a manual for the software. I give hints and tips on eCover creation - and some techie advice on image file formats.


Creating Graphics - The Easy Way!

Every eCover creator needs you to provide graphics for your eCovers. Then the software or action script turns these "flat" images into 3-D eCovers.

CheatKit eCover Wizard is no different. But I'm going to make it easy for you if you struggle to create good graphics. I'm going to provide some very high-quality video training for you:    

Graphic Design Simplified With GimpVideo Training Package #1:
"Graphic Design Simplified With Gimp"

The Gimp is a powerful, completely free graphics package. It is a little quirky to work with, but it's worth putting in a little effort for the excellent results you'll get.

And, along with your purchase of CheatKit eCover Wizard, I'm going to provide you with "Graphic Design Simplified With Gimp".

28 training videos

You'll get 28 videos - over three hours of video training - covering such topics as:

* Installing Gimp and getting started

* Using the various Gimp tools (e.g. the Align Tool, the Blend/Gradient Tool, the Brush and Bucket Fill Tools - and so on)

* How to edit PhotoShop images (you often get these if you buy Private Label products)

* How to install scripts into Gimp (there's loads of free Gimp scripts available to produce stunning graphics effects).

* How to make your images transparent

.. and a whole lot more!

You can either watch the videos through a video eBook or you can download them to watch without having to be online.

Master Web Graphics In 10 Easy StepsVideo Training Package #2:
"Master Web Graphics In 10 Easy Steps"

There is another free graphics program called "IrfanView". Although it's not as powerful as The Gimp, it is a little easier to use. You'd normally use IrfanView to manipulate existing images, rather than create them from scratch.

So I'm giving you over an hour and a half of video training on using IrfanView, delivered by that well-known video training producer, Louis Allport.

In these 11 videos, you'll learn techniques such as:

* How to download and install IrfanView

* How to crop your graphics

* How to apply some very interesting effects

* How to add text to your graphics


Now I know that at this point, some people would continue adding loads more "bonuses" - usually stuff that has nothing to do with the main product being sold.

I'm not going to do that - I won't insult your intelligence!

But here's one "bonus" that no other person can give away. And that bonus is..

A very special bonus!ME!

OK, I'm not really going to be downloaded in a box! But here's what I will do:

I'm no great graphics designer (as you can probably tell!) But I know my way around The Gimp, IrfanView - and Paintshop Pro (but not Photoshop).

If you are struggling to achieve something and it's not covered in any of the training videos, then just email me, and I'll try to help you. I'll be giving you a special email address you can contact me at just for that purpose.

Now, where else will you find that bonus?

And finally - I'll make your purchase risk-free..

My personal 100 per cent guarantee

Here's my personal 100% satisfaction guarantee to you:

If, at any time in the next 60 days , you are not completely satisfied with my CheatKit eCover Wizard just ask me, and I will refund you promptly and courteously.

Yes, I know it's insane. Yes, I know that I could get ripped off. But I believe that most people are honest.

If you don't like my software, I don't want your money. And I'll accept your word that you won't use it again after you've had a refund.

So How Much Do You Have To Pay For This Software And Training Package?

Just consider the alternative ways of creating eCovers:

:-( You could buy Photoshop for $699 and spend a further $50 to $100 on "action scripts" to create your eCovers

:-( You could hire a graphic designer each time you wanted an eCover creating - cost: $50 - $100 a time. Want more eCovers? Then pay each time you want one!

:-( You could buy inferior software or use one of the cheapo online services - and end up with rubbish eCovers. What sort of credibility will that give your product?

:-) Or you could buy my CheatKit eCover Wizard - and create as many high-quality eCovers as you like.. with 14 differerent types of design, with a transparent background option - and with push button simplicity. And you still get hours and hours of video training - and ME!

Now software of this quality could cost you upwards of $97 (that's the price of "eCover Generator" - and it still hasn't got as many options as CheatKit eCover Wizard). I've even seen stuff as expensive as $147 - which is not easy to work with.

But I really want to make my software affordable to everyone. So, for a trial period, I've decided to make CheatKit eCover Wizard available for just..


And think of the savings you'll make at that price. No need to agonise about whether or not you can afford Photoshop and the pricey "action scripts". No need to wonder if you can afford to pay a graphic designer for yet another eCover. No need to put up with some of the second-rate software and eCover generator "services".

Well, what are you waiting for? Go and hit that big order button below!

Ian Traynor
Ian Traynor
Professional Webmaster

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P.S. If you're selling any digital products online, you'll need to create eCovers. If you want to keep on paying graphic designers - fine! Otherwise, you need my CheatKit eCover Wizard. Order now!

P.P.S. I'm not crazy. I won't keep this price as low as this indefinitely. I know what its true worth is, and I will raise the price in the near future. Order now whilst the price is so low


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